Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Season's Greetings

This lil' short is a Halloween fave of mine. It comes from writer/director Michael Dougherty, who is best known for his screenwriting on such films as X-2 and Superman Returns.

The character featured here, Sam, is actually to be the focal point of an unreleased Halloween anthology film called Trick 'r Treat. The film has been in the can for well over a year, but Warner Bros. Studios keeps pushing the release date back because they're idiots. More on that in another blog, but in the meantime...enjoy:


~Trix. said...

*This* is absolutely amazing!

I had to laugh at the reason behind the release delay...Nothing like a little truth to add humor to the day.

Thanks for sharing! :)

The Gill-Man said...

Yeah, I plan to get into the whole Trick 'R Treat delay thing here on my blog soon. It really pisses me off that a movie that keeps being hailed as the best horror flick to hit the scene in years is just rotting on the vine like this! Dumb studio execs!

Glad you enjoyed the short! I actually saw this years ago, and then re-discovered it a year or so ago. Its just damned brilliant, and if the movie is anywhere near as cool then I know we're in for a real treat (no pun intended). That is, of course, if we're ever given the chance to actually see the thing!!

Dumb studio execs!

Guillaume said...

Brilliant short story.