Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here's wishing everyone a Bloody good Valentine's Day!


Guillaume said...

I never watched it, but I remember the adverts on Radio-Canada (French speaking CBC) when I was a child. It used to scare me a lot, especially the whole suit of the killer. Is it any good?

The Gill-Man said...

Well...that all depends on whether or not you dig the slasher sub-genre or not. Like many of the post-"Halloween" slice-and-dice flicks, it has quite a few of the cliches: killer POV, heavy breathing, horny teens getting picked off one-by-one, horrid acting, low budget etc. In many ways, it's the perfect example of the slasher.

Still, despite it's flaws, I really love it. It has a creepy atmosphere that really builds upon the claustrophobic nature of the mines. I feel it REALLY does a great job of capturing the feel of a small, working class town.

Guillaume said...

I think I might enjoy it, just for the suit of the villain, even though I think little of rip off of Halloween.

I just discovered that it was directed by George Mihalka, who also directed the third season of Omertà, my favourite TV series in Québec.