Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trick Or Treat Studios to Produce Halloween III Masks?

Earlier this year, the wonderful folks at Trick Or Treat Studios produced what is, in my humble opinion, the finest Michael Myers mask that has ever been mass-produced. I myself purchased one of these beauties, and I'm quite happy with it! I plan on stalking my neighborhood this All Saint's Eve decked out in this incredible rendition of the famous villian from the Halloween series.
Rumor has it that the gang at ToT are working to acquire the license to make masks for Halloween III: Season of the Witch. For those not in the know, HIII is known as "the one without Michael Myers". The original idea was to do a series of stand-alone horror films, all set at Halloween, that wouldn't connect to each other in any way other than being about the holiday. The only problem is, it wasn't remotely marketed that way. After two films featuring the character of Myers, fans expected more of the same. What they got was something completely different. While the film tanked upon its initial release, over the years many horror fans have come to love it as its own unique film. I personally really enjoy this entry, and think of it as a fun, spooky film about my favorite holiday, completely outside of the Michael Myers mythos. Plus, it has Tom Atkins. Tom Atkins rules!
Central to the plot of Season of the Witch, is the three "Silver Shamrock" masks. They are part of a nefarious plot by Conal Cochran, the owner of the Silver Shamrock novelty company. The masks were originally designed by Don Post, and the studio named for him produced a set of masks to tie in with the release of the film. Since the film wasn't a success, it wasn't until years later that these masks started to be in demand on the secondary market. Fans had asked for a re-release for years, and this past year they (sorta) got their wish. Don Post had sold his company several years ago to Paper Magic, and they produced a set of rather substandard re-issues that royally pissed off a whole bunch of collectors.
Well, Paper Magic has now sold off their costume division, along with their Don Post imprint, so now the rights for their licenses may be up for grabs! Trick Or Treat Studios has proven themselves to be a major player in the mask business, producing some of the best masks on the market right now. They have a wide variety of original and licensed properties, and they've already proven themselves to the fans of the Halloween franchise. If this rumor proves true, then they will find themselves in a position to fill a void that many feel has been there since Post sold his studio to Paper Magic. They've shown that they can produce incredible quality masks like Post used to, and now they may have the properties to match!
I, for one, truly hope this proves to be true. These masks could not be in better hands than those of the ToTS crew. Even if you aren't a fan of the film, you have to admit that these are some wonderful designs. They'd fit in nicely in almost any Halloween display.
One word of advice: if these get released to stores...don't watch the big giveaway at 9 during the Horrorthon! The Silver Shamrock jingle will spell your DOOM!
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Guillaume said...

I never watched Halloween III, but I think little of the series after the first movie. But having movies set during the season yet not about Michael Myers was I think a potentially good idea.

Wendy the (Very Good Witch) said...

Hey Hey Hey...and Happy Halloween month my friend! Can't believe it's here again already...time is flying by nowadays! Hope you and the fam are planning on a big celebration this year at the new location! Sounds like you got your costume all picked out. I was interested in what you had to say about 'Season of the Witch' as I bought that a year or two ago and have never watched it! Now I think I should make the time. Maybe it won't be too scary for me after all! Of course I bought it strictly for the title...ha! Have a great Fall weekend!
~ Wens

The Gill-Man said...

@Guillaume: It's really a shame that they didn't just bill the thing as a "new tale of Halloween terror" or something. It should NEVER have been billed as a part of a series. There really wasn't any way for the audience to know that it was a stand-alone film, and it created a back-lash. It's a shame, because the idea of having an ongoing, annual film about the holiday is a GREAT idea!

@Wendy: Yeah, it really isn't scary. It's just a fun flick filled with lots of 80's cheese! It has plot holes you can drive a mack truck through, and it gets rather goofym, but there's just something so durned charming about the movie. Just take it as a fun, low budget 80's horror flick and you'll have a good time!

Now, don't get it confused with the recent Nic Cage flick that is also titled "Season of the Witch". I haven't seen that one yet, so I can't vouch for how it is! Lemme know what you think after you watch it.

I agree, it's hard to believe it's already the Season! We're good, but things have been crazy! We've done up the house, but we'll probably put off doing a true party until next year. Just too much going on right now to even plan it! We'll still have a spooky good time though! Happy Haunting!