Monday, July 14, 2014


Ah...sooooo...the last time I blogged was in FRIGGIN' SEPTEMBER! Yeah, that was a LONG time ago! Well, it's not exactly my fault. You see, even in my most prolific blogging phases, 95% of those were done on my lunch break at work. Well, my job decided to block ALL blogs and personal sites, as well as programs like Dropbox where I could at least have written the blog and then sent it to myself. Oddly enough, Facebook and Twitter are NOT blocked...yeah...logical.

The biggest bummer for me is that this has effectively prevented me from READING some of my favorite blogs as well. Sigh...

Well, I'm taking a rare down moment to type this sucker up at home, just to let everyone know that I still exist. I feel just awful, as I truly had some cool plans for blogs (and I still hope to visit some of those topics). A while back I won some CD's in a Facebook contest for the band Shadow's Symphony. I promised the Symphony folks that I'd do a review...and then never did! Well, I DO still plan to run said review, but probably a bit closer to the High Holiday. I've also had some cool concert moments with members of The Misfits and Calabrese (not at the same time, mind you), that I'll hopefully get around to sharing in the not-so-distant future.

So yeah, this blog entry is little more than me checking in...after TEN FREAKIN' MONTHS!!!! I'll try to do better...(damned job. Ruining my blogging hobby!)

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