Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trick 'r Treat Review

At long last, I picked up my Blu-Ray of Trick 'r Treat on Tuesday! After waiting (literally) years for this movie, I wondered if it could live up to my own built up expectations. Well, I can honestly say that it actually far surpassed them, which is an extreme rarity when it comes to films for me!

I won't get into spoiler territory, but I will say that Michael Dougherty has crafted a phenomenal film, filled with love and affection for the Halloween season. Every scene is chocked-full of the trappings of this wonderful holiday, and you'd be hard-pressed to find another movie that could so easily put you in the spirit. The legends and lore that are the backbone of Samhain are on display here, creating a fun, scary joyride through the mythology that led to All Hallow's Eve.

Central to the proceedings is Dougherty's finest character, Sam. Sam is, quite simply, the Spirit of Halloween. He is cute, mysterious, mischievous, vengeful, playful, creepy and downright vicious! He truly embodies everything that Halloween can be, and that just makes him such a delightful character. He takes his place alongside Dracula, The Wolf-Man, Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason etc as a true big screen boogeyman...but also fits in nicely with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!

Sam first made his debut in animated form, in a short film Dougherty did in college called "Season's Greetings" (a favorite of mine, which is included on the disc with the film!). Rendered in live-action, he retains his cute-but-demonic aspect. While he isn't always the focus of the four interwoven stories, he is present in all of them. He enforces the rules of Halloween, and punishes severely those who break them!

If you are a fan of horror, you'll enjoy this...but I also recommend this flick for anyone who just loves Halloween. It isn't a movie you want to show younger kids (at least not until they're older), but teens will love it. It is scary, cute, funny, creepy, sexy and just plain other words, it is all the things Halloween itself is! This is easily the best film centered around the holiday since John Carpenter's 1978 masterpiece, and in many ways this film is far more all-encompassing, since it focuses on the lore and magic of All Hallow's Eve itself. I give this flick my highest possible recommendation! See it soon...or Sam may be paying you a visit!!


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

OMG! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS ASAP! Where is it on sale at? Can you get it at Target or do I need to go to a Best Buy or someplace else? I CANNOT WAIT to see this. If I can get it at a store up here, I will buy and carry it home on Sunday. If not, then I will have to wait til' I get home but I don't want to miss out on gettting this. Let me know. Also, send me your regular email address as I want to send you something. My email address is Just send me a note saying 'HI' and I'll write you back after Sunday when I get home, as I don't know how to check my email remotely except on Facebook.

Thanks so much for sharing this...and let me know who is selling it. :o)

The Gill-Man said...

I picked mine up at Best Buy, but it should be available at Target, Wal-Mart, etc. I've heard that several retailers are selling out, but you should still be able to find it at one of them. I've heard that some Wal-Marts don't have this in their new release section, but are putting it in a Halloween movie display, so bear that in mind when you go out looking. You simply MUST see this movie! You would definitely love it!!!

I'll send you an e-mail here shortly! :-D

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Oh goodie...I am running out tomorrow and trying to find me a copy. I looked at the lil' Walmart & KMart where we stayed in Vermont, but no cigar. I cannot wait. Thank you for the 411. Oh...and I just sent you an email. :o)

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Hooray...I found it at Best Buy...FINALLY! Neither Wal-Mart nor Target had it and Best Buy was initially out but the sales guy went in the back and found it for me. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet though...can't wait. Thanks for cluing me in as to where to get this!

Guillaume said...

I can't seem to find it anywhere here.

Skeleface said...

YES! I am in the same boat, it FAR surpassed my expectations, and it landed in my top 5. It is hard to find, though. Cheers to all of us who waited YEARS to finally see it!

Jimmy Calabrese said...

What's wrong with me? I just watched this movie last night and I didn't like it that much. I think I expected something else. The mood and atmosphere of the film really captured Halloween, but the story didn't hook me. I think I read too many reviews which wired my brain into imaging a movie that could never be.