Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Stinky!

When I first moved into my current home, it was the first time I'd lived in a house since I moved from my parent's home many years ago. Naturally, when Halloween rolled around, I instantly started thinking of what I could do to decorate my yard...having never had one of my own before! Mom & dad were never too keen on decorating the yard for any holidays, so I was lucky I even got Jack-O-Lanterns in those days. While walking through a Home Depot, a Grim Reaper prop caught my eye. I liked his simple design, and figured he would be fairly easy to store in the off-season.

I brought him home and my son, who was not even three at the time, instantly loved him. Since he couldn't pronounce "Reaper", it came out as "Reeker". This led to us bestowing our prop with the name "Stinky" (he actually doesn't smell bad at all).

Stinky has floated above my graveyard for the past six Halloweens, and I hope he'll last for many more. This year, he got a new, red light shining on him, which gave him a whole new look. The neighborhood kids all seem to think he's cool, and one of my neighbors praised him as looking "nice and creepy". So here's to Stinky! May he haunt with us for years to come!

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