Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Toys!

One of my favorite toy lines that I collect is the "stylized" rotocast figures from Mezco, which presents classic movie monsters & madmen...with a slightly cartoony look. The have a "cute yet creepy" look to them that I just really dig! Previously, I'd never displayed these guys together, not even at Halloween (they were kept on shelves, with their counterparts, i.e. Jason was with the Friday the 13th figures, Freddy with the Krueger figures, etc). I recently acquired the Michael Myers figure, and decided I just had to put all three out in the house for Halloween. I REALLY like the way these guys look standing side by side, so much so that I still have them together on a shelf of their own. Looking forward to their version of The Wolf-Man that is suppossed to hit next month!

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