Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

Well, 2011 is upon us, after 2010 flew by in a blur. For me, 2010 was the single busiest year of my life, and I rarely felt like I was having a moment to catch my breath. I had big plans for my haunt, my writing and this blog...all of which didn't come to fruition, primarily due to the everyday demands of this thing we call "life". Hopefully, this year will see at least a few of these plans come to be. Here's a few things I didn't get around to, that I hope I can deliver on in 2011:

My scarecrow. I've had plans to work on this guy all year. I started work on him in March, but I rarely got a moment to tinker with him. He sadly sits in pieces in my garage, awaiting me to assemble him on my mad-scientist table. On the plus side, I did pick up a few pointers here and there over the course of the year, so he'll actually look a helluva lot better than he would have if I had gotten the chance to complete him.

My book. I began a horror novel in the spring. I think I finished the prologue and that was about it! Considering that I consider this to be the first in a SERIES of books...yeah, I'd better get cracking!

My projection effect for the haunt. Of course, I need to actually buy a projector in order to do this. In all fairness to myself, I am still researching which projector would be best. I plan to also use this to create a "Star" effect for my church's Live Nativity (of which, I am the coordinator).

This here blog. You have NO idea how many blogs didn't get finished, thus not seeing print here. I had planned on doing my "Sounds of the Season" feature, like I did in October 2009, but I never got around to it. The demands of my job, with our scheduled inventory falling right in the Halloween season, pretty much torpedoed that one. I also had a lil' feature I wanted to do called "The 12 Slays of Christmas". I won't elaborate on that one, other than to say that I hope to have it finished by December of this year.

So, here's hoping that 2011 contains a bit more free time that this past year! Thanks to the readers I do have for dropping in to check out this lil' blog. It ain't much, but I have fun doing it. More than that, it has introduced me to all sorts of cool folks who have INCREDIBLE blogs that I rarely go a day without reading! Y'all are all wonderful, and I wish you the most wonderful blessings in 2011 and beyond!


Victoria_Pain said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I live in Indiana, but I used to live in Texas. It wouldn't be a shock if I went back to visit, so you're welcome to tell me about the shops.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

I'm a SO with ya brutha! The year went by WAY too fast, and left me feeling down about all that I did not get finished. So many big ideas and so little time to bring them all to fruition. I feel your pain on that one more than you know. But alas, it is a New Year and another chance to make good on our plans right?! Sounds like you have some cool things in the works, so here's hoping the powers that be work with you this year to give you the time you need to get some of them completed! Happy 2011! :o)

Guillaume said...

Hey, I didn't notice you started blogging again. Nice to see you back in the blogosphere. Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way.

And I hope the books gets written and published.

The October boy said...

You have done better than I, Gill-man. I know what you mean about the year flying by. I still feel your pain with that "inventory" thing. I would have lost it. It's very cool to hear about your Book. I will sit tight and wait for that. I think I will set my goals a bit lower this year, that way when the haunt approaches, I may have achieved more than expected. I know, it's a cheap mental trick, but it may work.

Jinx said...

Wow, you are a busy chap, Gill-Man. I hope you'll have time for more blog post this coming year, I'll be looking forward to them.