Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to Ray Bradbury

For many of us, he wrote THE essential Halloween tales! He would have been 93 today. Here is a piece by the always incredible Dave Hartman:


Guillaume said...

I read The Halloween tree, a lovely gift from Wendy. Nice little Halloween story, I wish I had known it when I was a child.

The Gill-Man said...

I do as well! It's amazing that I never encountered it until I was a bit older, especially since I read some of his other works as a kid. Still, it's become a favorite story to read during the Season!

You got it from Wendy? Ain't she just the best? My family and her family had lunch together a couple of years back when we visited Florida. Really got along famously, as I knew we all would! Wish there was some way to bring all of my Halloween loving friends from the 'net together to throw one gigantic shin-dig!

Guillaume said...

Yes, I won one of the drafts she made. She is very generous. I would live in the perfect country for a Halloween gathering, but for the fact than the Brits don't celebrate it much. But the country is so old and full of spooky folklore! I do miss Quebec a lot in autumn, where I could find a dozen places for a gathering of Halloween lovers.